About Us

To provide competent advice to our customers in relation to their application questions was always an important goal for the Goecke Company. Our sales team is mainly made up of engineers, all of whom have studied a metalworking discipline. If we cannot meet your requirements immediately from our standard range, we help you with tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Our know-how in manufacturing technology extends far beyond our core competence in the area of cut and non-cut metal and plastic forming. Decades of cooperation with specialists in the field of foundry and forging technology, plastics processing and, naturally, the 50 years of experience gathered until now in working with surveying engineers throughout the whole of Europe, have seen us grow to become a leading specialist in surveying technology.

Alongside our claim to objective product quality, mentioned earlier, which is sometimes difficult for the lay person to appreciate but is demonstrated in the mechanical and technological features of our products, we place great value on customer service. Each year at Christmas we receive many letters from our customers, thanking us for the speed of order processing and the reliability of GOECKE. In our opinion, there is hardly
any finer praise that can be received...