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Customer requirements and satisfaction are always our top priority. Our 25 qualified employees are always 100% committed and give a top-quality performance – be it in sales, service, production, distribution or accounting.


As a traditional handicraft business, we have decades of experience between us, and use appropriate technology. We therefore produce high-quality workmanship and a sophisticated product range which is unmatched by our peers. If required, our specialists can develop tailor-made custom solutions which are fast, flexible, reliable and cost-effective.



We produce in large quantities and buy large amounts of merchandise for a more favourable price. We share these advantages with our customers: Benefit from attractive conditions and tiered bulk discounts. It is worth it for orders costing EUR 300 or more. Quantity discounts can be found on the inside back cover.



Our warehouse guarantees optimal availability for all common catalogue items. Orders placed by 2pm (by 11am on a Friday) are usually dispatched on the same day. In Germany, around 90% of all orders are delivered to the purchaser on the next working day (Monday - Friday).

If you want an even faster delivery, we can arrange an appointment delivery for an extra charge.



More than 80 years of tradition and innovation
Having started off as a small undertaking in Schwelm, the company has grown over the decades into an innovative production and trading company for surveying technology. Nowadays, we are an SME with customers based in Germany, Europe and other regions all over the world. We are proud of our company´s history, whilst also looking forward to an exciting future at the same time. Alongside the founder, Managing Directors and employees, our customers, partners and suppliers are also a key element of our success story.

We have now become one of the leading suppliers of surveying technology. Harald Goecke assumed sole responsibility for the executive management of the company, ensuring that the character and continuity of a family-run business is preserved. This also helps to safeguard our primary objective of impressing our customers with our quality products, skilled and committed employees and the very best level of service .
GOECKE AUSTRIA GmbH was established. Following a successful market
launch, the time was ripe for an independent distribution company based in Austria. Herbert Eckert continued to successfully manage the business as its authorised representative at the Vienna site. Ronald Fuchsbauer then took the helm in 2016, with the company's premises moving to Thallern. The authorised representative has more than 20 years
of know-how in surveying technology.
From this point onwards, Herbert Eckert, a former employee at the Vienna-based cooperation partner, R. A. Rost, took over responsibility for GOECKE’s Field Sales and Direct Sales operations in Austria. From that point onwards, the brand and products gained significant recognition and became increasingly sought-after.

Friedhelm Goecke scaled down his activities for health reasons, with his sons, Christian and Harald, assuming joint responsibility for the company management. Monika Goecke continued to play an active role in the company, assuming responsibility for Financial Accounting. The new executive management team massively expanded the product range, assuming responsibility for driving forward the strategy for this full-range supplierand expert in surveying technology.
GOECKE presented its products for the very first time at the German-Austrian “Geodätentag” exhibition held in Innsbruck. This year also saw the establishment of the long-term collaboration with the Austrian company R. A. Rost, based in Vienna.

The new company building was completed, marking another milestone in GOECKE's success story. Thanks to their commitment, passion and entrepreneurial skill, Friedhelm Goecke, together with his wife Monika, continued to expand the business and service offering. As a result, new production lines for survey bolts and surveying pipes were developed. This includes the innovative super head bolt, which has proven itself right up to the present day with millions of sales.
Friedhelm Goecke joined the executive management. Company founder Engelbert Goecke died ten years later at the age of 74, following a serious illness.
Following a request from a surveyor, Engelbert Goecke produced his very first surveying pipes. Up until that point, these pipes had to be produced individually to order by the local forger. The demand for surveying materials was huge given the flourishing economy. Engelbert Goecke demonstrated a certain foresight in developing a high-quality and continuously growing range of products, working in collaboration with his customers.
Engelbert Goecke founded a company to manufacture and sell cast iron stove pipes, setting high standards in terms of quality right from the outset. The inventor was responsible for developing many new useful everyday items, some of which were awarded Imperial and Federal Patents (Reichs- und Bundespatente).