You always wanted to know what GOECKE looks like?
Our two image videos take you on a tour of production,
Administration and shipping and allow you a look behind the scenes.


Technical know-how as well as high performance production facilities,
machinery and equipment are all reasons for GOECKE GmbH & Co. KG
becoming the preferred provider of surveying technology and marking materials
in Europe. In addition to producing a broadly diversified standard range of products,
this approach also enables the customised production of individual design solutions,
prototypes of components and models for foundries.

Systems for survey bolts made from stainless steel and brass.
The forming dies for special inscriptions and nails are generated by
the in-house production facilities. By combining them with
top-quality materials and our specialist knowledge in cold forming,
this ensures the very best in terms of quality and short lead times.

The pipe sections for surveying pipes
are cut out on this fully automated
sawing machine. The hardened steel tips
are inserted into the pipe section during further processing. The result is the top-quality GOECKE surveying pipe, which
has proven itself over many decades.
The nails are regularly subjected to stringent quality controls. In addition to the Rockwell hardness testing shown here, parts from each batch also pass through an impact-bending test.
High performance sawing machine for the cutting to length of plastic pipes and aluminium cross anchors. Once the materials have been cut to length, the tips and heads are machined on the press (located in the background on the right-hand side of the Figure). The last process involves twisting the cross anchors.

Harald Goecke and plant foreman
Herbert Dahlmann are responsible for directly converting your ideas into practice, whilst adhering to the
schedules in place.
In our metalworking facility, we produce small batches, custom-made products and prototypes, in addition to models for foundries and forming dies for our nail and pipe production processes. This is where your ideas take shape.
Our dispatch warehouse comprises a total area of approximately 1,600 m2, with around 95 % of all catalogue items constantly stockpiled here.
Our computer system calculates the minimum stock levels, taking into account the various production and lead times. You place the order, and we’ll ensure it is delivered!

The shipments are put together with great care in
the packing areas and packaged in stable and environmentally friendly collapsible corrugated cardboard boxes. The shipping documents are prepared “on the fly” when the box is sealed.
Here you can see a subsection of our dispatch warehouse. Around 25,000 packaged consignments and 3,000 small consignments leave our warehouse every year.