GOECKE Bireflex-Targets

Since 2000, GOECKE reflex-targets with holder have been proved in value in countless large-scale tunneling and engineering projects in Germany and abroad. 

Unlike standard reflex-targets the foil carrier with a centrical drill hole or crosshairs can be rotated spherically and therefore can be turned ideally in any target direction..

  • High centring/positioning accuracy, even with a change of target mark
  • Skid-resistant clamping screw for safemounting on any 12mm plug
  • Precise, deliberately stiff bedding of foil-/prism-carrier for unintentional rotation, locks every 7,5°
  • Thanks to its high pre-tensioning, the extremely reliable reflex target mark does not even fall off its swivel bracket during drill-and-blast operations
  • Suitable for extremely adverse conditions,marks are easily removed and may be reused even after a contact with shotcrete
  • Permanently weather-resistant and UV-resistant special plastics. No “moisture expansion” of the mark on the receptacle plug, the material does not absorb any water.
For automatic target recognition with robotic total stations and/or at target distances of 150 to 600 meters, we recommend that you instead of the reflective tape using the tilting holder with a mini-prism.


Made of break-resistant special plastic. Reflective tape on both sides with 60 mm diameter, centering for comfortable and precise pointing.

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