Surveying instruments

Buyer of surveying instruments, should not only look at the price of the instrument and the objective technical product features, but also the "soft" factors, such as technical support of the manufacturer, ease of repair of the instrument, parts pricing and above all, the reliability of the instrument.

For many years as an authorized Leica dealer, we offer primarily instruments of this manufacturer. With a LEICA device you buy next to the absolute best quality, a decades-long expertise of one of the world's leading manufacturers of surveying instruments. Upon request we provide liked building survey instruments from GeoFennel, NEDO, QBL/Geomax, Theis, Topcon and other manufacturers.

For (almost) every instrument we provide specific and detailed brochures available for download, which we send to you on request by mail.

Our goal is to offer you the most suitable device for your needs.

As we provide in Europe, a full-coverage and competent sales can not be realized. Instead, we offer you the possibility of practical and risk free testing of the instrument you are interested in.

With inexpensive instruments such as laser rangefinders, construction lasers and building levels, we will send you an invoice for the device. If you do not like the instrument, please send us this original packaging and undamaged together with our bill are free back within a week.

With high-quality instruments such as theodolites and total stations, you will receive the instrument for a maximum of two weeks for testing. The rent of such a device we will credit the purchase within four months.

A short introduction to the instrument is included in our prices. Basic training and extensive briefings with us or at your house are (possibly an extra charge) possible.

Many of the tools we offer can be obtained even for rent. Especially with only sporadic demand or failure of one of your units, the rent is a sensible alternative to buying.

Please clarify, if necessary, absolutely before the desired rental date availability with us.

They guarantee the accuracy of your work. Therefore, measuring instruments should regularly, at least once a year checked and maintained competently.

We carry on your instrument by only adjustments and minor repairs. Major repairs we let in, and the manufacturer authorized, partner workshops run. The devices from the following manufacturers are in the best hands. LEICA, TRIMBLE (incl. Geodimeter, Spectra Precision, ZEISS), TOPCON, QUANTE/QBL/Geomax.

To any maintenance or repair, you will receive a detailed report.

In total failures of your tools we can help you with a mostly instrumental lend to reduce downtime in your house to a minimum.


Surveying instruments