One man levelling

, accurate and very easy to use one-person leveling system based on a digital tube level. The device displays seconds at the height difference between a reference point and the measurement point. The evaluation is a measurement of pressure differential between the hose collar and handset.

The time savings in classical construction leveling is up to 85% compared to traditional leveling with two men in contrast to the measurement with a rotating laser or leveling is no visual connection between reference and measuring point requires. Especially when leveling from room to room, this is a considerable advantage.

Typical areas of application:
  • Leveling in construction (eg screed, Meters cracks, drywall ceiling, road construction)
  • height transfers up in buildings (to a ceiling height of about 4.5 m)
  • Flatness and slope measurements
To level the case is with the integrated hose reel somewhere down in the work space and the hand gets to the desired reference level with a simple keystroke "zeroed". Stopping the handset is the difference in height to the reference level at any point of the work space measured (range 48 m) rapidly and accurately.
Electronic one-man-tube level NIVCOMP

Electronic one-man-tube level NIVCOMP

Electronic one-man-tube level NIVCOMP

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