NEDO PRIMUS² Series: Top Quality Made in GERMANY

The NEDO PRIMUS² series is one of the most robust rotating lasers, uses solid cutting-edge technology and convinces with many important arguments:

  • Precision (accuracy ± 1.5 mm/30 m)
  • Robustness (shockproof, protection class IP66)
  • Endurance (over 100 h battery life)
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability (3-year warranty with all-round carefree package incl. free annual inspection)
  • Fair price/performance ratio

With a NEDO Primus² laser you buy absolute top quality from Germany at fair prices.

New: PRIMUS² H2N+ with automatic tilt monitoring: the position of the laser is constantly monitored even in tilt mode and automatically readjusted if necessary.

Auto-Align function (HVA and HVA2N): At the push of a button, the laser plane automatically aligns with the COMMANDER² receiver. Optimal for use with scaffolding or for facade construction at distances of up to 50 meters.

Rotation plane horizontal horizontal / vertical
Plumb beam no yes
Self-leveling range ± 5°
Accuracy ± 1.5 mm / 30 m
Range/Ø Working range 350 m / 700 m
250 m /
500 m
350 m /
700 m
Laser diode / laser class 635 nm, class 2 (red, visible),
on request also class 3R
Working temperature -20° to +50° Celsius
Inclination option no ± 10% in both axes, direct input manual ± 10% in both axes, direct input
Laser head rotation speed 600 min -1 10, 60, 300, 600 min -1
Scan function/scan angle no yes / 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°
Power supply NiMH high performance battery, mains and
optional battery operation
Battery charge life > 100 hrs.
Tripod connection 5/8“
Protection class IP66 (dust-tight, protection against
strong jets of water)
rec. Laser receiver ACCEPTORpro+ with mm display COMMANDER² with radio remote control and mm display
Length receiver window 70 mm
Accuracies receiver selectable, ± 0.5 mm / ± 1.0 mm / ± 2.0 mm /
± 4.0 mm
Remote control no
Radio remote control (range
approx. 150 m)
Auto-align function no yes
Warranty 36 months, all-round carefree package with
annual audit
Article-No. product description manufacturer PU W EUR/piece quantity  
114-N472 018-632 Nedo Rotation laser Primus² with receiver Acceptor MAXX NEDO 1 X 1.099,00*
114-N472 030-632 NEDO rotating laser PRIMUS² H2N, with case, battery and charger NEDO 1 X 1.215,00*
114-N472 031-632 NEDO rotating laser PRIMUS² H2N, with case, receiver COMMANDER² (incl. remote control), battery, charger NEDO 1 X 1.399,00*
114-N472 034-632 NEDO rotating laser PRIMUS² H2N+ with tilt monitoring, case, receiver COMMANDER² with mm-display (incl. remote control), battery, charger NEDO 1 X 1.659,00*
114-N399 602 Upgrade PRIMUS² H2N+ to 900rpm NEDO 1 X 49,00*
114-N472 050-632 NEDO rotating laser PRIMUS² HVA, with case, receiver COMMANDER² (incl. remote control), battery, charger NEDO 1 X 1.149,00*
114-N472 061-632 NEDO rotating laser PRIMUS² HVA2N, with case, receiver COMMANDER² (incl. remote control), battery, charger NEDO 1 X 1.749,00*

Products, with one (*) marked to be represented are not discountable.