Reflector holder

Mounting of prisms to wall studs

Experience has shown that ground points are often lost during construction as wall points. Prisms on
plumb rods are always at risk in heavy traffic and bind relatively large staff. With our wall studs and reflector holder can prisms with high repetition accuracy attach directly to structures and precisely aligned.
All wall studs have in mind an M8 internal thread that receives the ball joint equipped with a reflector holder. The reflector holder is tilted by 360 ° radially and pivotable by approximately 30 °.
Even with rough installation errors, the reflector holder can therefore be aligned exactly with the help of precise pre-aligned 35'-box level. The distance to the wall (face of the bolt to the center of the adapter) is exactly 100 mm.
Our standard system for ZEISS can be customized with additional adapters to almost any existing prism. Unless the adapters shown are not suitable for your needs, we produce for you quickly and economically appropriate special adapter. It may be helpful if you send the prism or a dimensioned drawing to us.

Benefits at a glancea
  • High reproducibility
  • The reflector holder is tilted by 360 ° radially and pivotally about 30 °
  • Even with rough installation errors is precisely align the reflector holder
  • The wall distance is exactly 100 mm
  • Adapters available for each prism system
Building reflector holder Leica

Building reflector holder Leica

Our complete systems consist of the holder with ball joint, an adjustable circular bubble and a host adapter for the particular prism.

Building reflector holder with 5/8" male thread

Building reflector holder with 5/8" male thread

Complete system for all prisms with 5/8" female thread.

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