Accessories for end heads

If you use the 46-NAZ-86 leveling adapter in addition to the LEICA 11R5-W adapter shown in the center, you will achieve the same height as the tilt axis of the LEICA standard prisms (86 mm) with the touchdown point for the leveling staff.
Article-No. product description size PU W EUR/piece quantity  
11R5-W Adapter M8 - LEICA adapter, brass 1 D 8,55
46-NAZ-86 Adaptor with center for Leica stud, D25x86 mm, compatible height for Leica GPH1, with M6-screw 1 Z 24,80
46-B820 Adapter, rotable with M8 male thread and 5/8'' male thread, high-grade steel, tilting axis height 70 mm 1 V 41,00