Mini prism RSMP10/12/15

RSMP10 and RSMP12
With the 46-RSMP10 and 46-RSMP12 miniprisms, you can now easily and quickly measure into gaps, holes and corners.

When using the miniprisms for settlement measurements, the cross-shaped tips can be removed to be inserted or glued into even the smallest gaps or voids. This gives you the possibility to install monitoring even on very sensitive, historical buildings, facades, retaining walls, etc.

On objects made of concrete or masonry, the prisms can be mounted with small holes flush or countersunk to the surface.

When the two prisms are held up directly by hand, an excenter of 25 mm (46-RSMP10) or 50 mm (46-RSMP12) results, depending on the prism type. Please note that for accurate distance measurements the prism must be exactly aligned with the axis of the measuring beam!

The 46-RSMP15 plastic angle badge with 12.7 mm mini prism is simply glued on or fixed with dowels and screws for fast mounting on difficult surfaces such as glass and marble facades, steel girders and rails.

All three prism types can be used for permanent structural monitoring up to a maximum angle of 30° in any direction.
Technical Data 46-RSMP10 46-RSMP12 46-RSMP15
Prism-Ø 12.7 mm 17.5 mm 12.7 mm
Housing-Ø 19 mm 25 mm
Housing length 18.8 mm 24.5 mm
Range ATR Mode 100 m - 250 m 300 m - 500 m 100 m - 250 m
Offset - 10.1 mm
(Leica + 24.3 mm)
- 11.3 mm
(Leica + 23.1 mm)
- 10.1 mm
(Leica + 24.3 mm)
Article-No. product description dimensions PU W EUR/piece quantity  
46-RSMP10 Miniprism, Ø 12,7 mm 19 x 33.8 mm 1 U 44,50*
46-RSMP12 Mini prism, Ø 17.5 mm 25 x 64.5 mm 1 U 52,50*
46-RSMP15 Angle badge with 12.7 mm mini prism 35 x 100 mm 1 U 46,50*

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