4/4 glue marks from plastic, parts respectively separable

These adhesive labels are particularly suitable for clean marketing of indoor and outdoor areas as well as points that lie on building or road edge.
The mark diameter is 80 mm, the centering has a diameter of 10 mm.
Thanks to pre-perforated breaking edges, you can divide or separate the mark into 1/4 segments as you wish.

For mounting on load-bearing surfaces, we recommend our MS polymer-based mounting adhesive (see below).
Article-No. product description dimensions PU W EUR/piece quantity  
19G-GP 4/4- adhesive mark,white plastic,„GRENZ-PUNKT“ Ø 80 mm 50 E 1,75
19G-MP 4/4- adhesive mark, white plastic,„MESS-PUNKT“ Ø 80 mm 50 E 1,75
This product is compatible with (for example):

Special mounting adhesive on MS...

Special mounting adhesive on MS polymerbase/Polyurethaned
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